7 Reasons Why you Should Care About Animal Welfare


7 Reasons Why you Should Care About Animal Welfare

7 Reasons Why you Should Care About Animal Welfare

Do you ever wonder why some people worry so much about animal health, while others are reserved – or worse, actively harmful? Few think that while people are suffering, animals are of secondary importance. But it’s also essential to carry about animals and treat them well. Here are just some of the reasons why you should care about animal well-being.


Caring about animal welfare is the kind thing to do. And if you choose to eat meat and dairy products, buy from producers who treat their animals well. Choose to support those farmers who keep the animals in the right conditions, and whose animals are killed humanely.


Animals are living creatures; they don’t exist to provide us with benefits like food. As such, they deserve our attention. If you see an animal being injured or suffering, report it, or intervene. Don’t call a take shelter to rescue an animal; you’ll only ensure that it’s likely to end up being destroyed.


Worrying about animals is part of what makes us better people. It may be easier not to think about how humans cause suffering to animals, but we should make an effort to support better practices. Look for beauty and makeup ranges that don’t test on animals or use elements of animal sources.


The sad fact is that humans cause animal suffering. Sure, the natural world can be a harsh one, but animals are never consciously cruel like people can be. As the supposably higher species, we have a responsibility to care for other creatures. Do what you can to promote the responsible and compassionate treatment of animals and other creatures.


Some people think that it’s a waste of time to worry about animals and that people are more critical. It’s true that many other bad things are going on in the world, and that people are suffering. But our empathy is not limited to one thing or the other; we can care about both animals and people, and try to help both. Supporting animal health need not be expensive – make careful choices as a consumer.


It’s essential to do what we can to abolish cruelty towards animals. So many of our lifestyle choices create suffering for animals. Why should animals suffer just so we can have another shampoo on the market, or so that we can wear makeup? As for wearing fur, well, unless you live in an incredibly cold region, there’s no justification for that.

Animal health is a crucial topic. We all need to do what we can to support the humane treatment of animals. It’s not something that we should brush aside; if we do, we are overlooking the suffering that goes on. What do you do to support animal welfare?


One lesson that can be learned from the issue of animal cruelty is the attitude of the slight for life that has been bred into the modern farmer. To them, cows and chickens are just numbers in a herd that number tens of thousands.

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