How to Date a Millennial Women?

how to date a millennial women?

how to date a millennial women?

When it comes to dating a woman in this day and age, there is no universal rule. Women have different tastes and while some of the things women want are universal, it is not a one size fits all situation. The needs of a woman in her twenties vary from those in her thirties.

Priorities in dating change and the same can be said of the tastes of women. Here are some useful tips to bear in mind when dating a millennial:

1-Don’t stifle her:

It’s the era of movements, girl power, feminism, and assertive women. When dating a woman in this day and age, stifling her is one sure way to lose her. Support her goals as much as you can or just be a shoulder to lean on. Humans need freedom. She may have established a life and a routine before you came into the picture. She’s not going to drop everything the moment she meets you. The dating scene is a part of her life but it will never be her whole life. You don’t need to be together at all times. Give her the benefit of the doubt. Let her breathe.

2-Learn her non-negotiables:

Women of the new world take less drama than their counterparts in previous years. Before you start dating, know her deal-breakers to avoid a disappointing heartache in the long run. What’s the thing she can’t stand? A smoker? A pet lover? A cheat? A particular personality type? If you know, you can save time and wasted emotional investments by avoiding the relationship in the first place.

4-Is she comfortable with your sexual or marital history?:

For ladies in their twenties, they see the world through rose-colored glasses. Most ladies in this age bracket want a man who has probably not been married or dated the whole of her friends. Throw in six-packs and a flashy ride into the mix and you’ll probably be labeled the ideal candidate. However, for older ladies, they are cool with divorcees or single fathers. Find out her tastes before you start dating.

5-Be honest:

Honesty is an evergreen virtue. In some cases, the bid to impress her may lead to white lies that could have been avoided if you only stuck with the truth. Impressing is not the same as lying. If she finds out that you lied to her, this could lead to a betrayal of trust. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned!

6-Playing games are no longer in vogue:

Gone are the days where games were cool. In those days, it was about who would pick up the phone and call first. and These days, the rules no longer apply. Forget the calling and texting rules. also, Ladies want a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. If you treat dating like a game, someone is bound to lose and it could be you. A healthy relationship is not balanced on the shoulders of one person. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with a healthy relationship. and If you are fighting with the person that you are with every time that you see them, this is not a healthy relationship and it will eventually have a negative impact on your health.

7-Don’t force it:

No one owes you jack! Get your act together and don’t force a relationship on someone that doesn’t want you.also Dating is exactly what it is—dating! If more comes out of it, fine. and If it doesn’t, life goes on. Don’t lead her on and don’t force it either. and Allow things to flow naturally.

8-What’s the safe word?:

Women of today are vocal about their sexual preferences but they also know when to draw the line. Never stifle her so much that she loses her voice in the relationship. Not only does it make you abusive, it makes the relationship mechanical. Explore your sexual boundaries with your woman but let her know that she can draw the line at anything she frowns at.

9-Don’t pressure her:

If she says give it time, give it time. Don’t pressure her. If you don’t feel convinced to go on a second date, politely thank her and make no promises about any future endeavors. and If she’s not into you, walk away. You will find another woman who will think the world of you.

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