How Paleo Diet Can Help You in Losing Weight?

how Paleo Diet Can Help You in Losing Weight?

how Paleo Diet Can Help You in Losing Weight?

A paleo diet could help you in losing weight in several ways. Following are five of them:

1-Low in Carbohydrates:

Decreasing your carbohydrates intake is the best way to lose weight.

More than twenty-three studies reveal that the low-carb diet is quite effective rather than low-fat and traditional diets in weight loss.

The paleo diet reduces your carbohydrate intake by removing usual sources of carbohydrates like potatoes, bread, and rice.

This is vital to note that carbohydrates are not bad necessarily for you; however, restricting the carb intake could decrease the daily calorie intake & help you in weight loss.

 2-High in Proteins:

It is one of the most significant nutrients for your weight loss. This could enhance your metabolism, decrease the appetite, & control many hormones which regulate the weight.

The paleo diet encourages eating protein-dense foods such as eggs, lean meats, and fish. In fact, an average paleo diet gives between 25 to 35 percent calories from the protein intake.

3-Decreases Calorie Intake:

For the weight loss, you generally have to decrease the calorie intake. That is why this is crucial to select those foods which are filling because they could fend off your hunger & assist you in eating less.

When you are struggling with your hunger, the paleo diet can be perfect for you because it’s incredibly filling. Several studies have revealed that a paleo diet is quite filling rather than many other famous diets such as diabetes & Mediterranean diets.

Moreover, studies show that the paleo diet can help you in producing more hormones which do not keep you hungry after the meal, like GLP-1, GIP, and PYY as compared to the diets that are based on the traditional guidelines.

 4-Removes Processed Foods:

Most modern diets are the main cause of why obesity is increasing day by day. This does encourage eating processed foods that are full of calories, less in nutrients, & might enhance the risk of several diseases.

Several studies reveal that the rise in intake of processed foods actually mirrors an increase in obesity. A paleo diet restricts all processed foods because they weren’t there during the Paleolithic time.

Rather, this encourages drinking fresh fruits, lean sources of protein, & veggies.

5-Removes Added Sugar:

Such as processed foods, eating much of added sugar might be dangerous to the weight loss efforts as well as health.

This adds a large number of calories to your food & is lower in nutrients. Also, a huge intake of the added sugar can boost the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

A paleo diet removes added sugar totally and rather boosts natural sources of the sugar from vegetables and fresh fruits.

Although vegetables and fruits have all-natural sugars, they give many necessary nutrients such as water, vitamins, and fiber; all of these are good for your health.

Research Reveals It Assist You in Weight Loss:

A lot of studies suggest that the paleo diet is quite impactful for weight loss. In a study, fourteen medical students were asked to follow the paleo diet for 3 weeks.

And during the study, the students lost the average of about 5.1 pounds (or 2.3 kgs) & decreased the waist circumference about 0.6 inches (or 1.5 cm).

Some studies compared a paleo diet & low-fat diets. They have revealed that a paleo diet is quite effective in losing weight, even with the same calorie intakes.

In research, seventy obese ladies aged sixty and above followed either the paleo diet or the high-fiber, low-fat diet for twenty-four months.

Obese women on a paleo diet actually lost weight about 2.5 times more after 6 months & 2 times more after 1 year.

By the 2-year mark, both of the groups regained weight a bit, but paleo diet group had lost almost 1.6 times more.

One more study showed thirteen individuals having type 2 diabetes. They followed the paleo diet & then the diabetes diet (moderate-to-higher carb and low-fat) over 2 consecutive 3-month time periods.

And, on average, people following the paleo diet actually lost 3 kgs (6.6 pounds) & 4 cm (1.6 inches) more from the waistlines as compared to the group that is doing diabetes diet.

Unluckily, most studies on a paleo diet are fairly new. So, there is very less published research work on long-run effects.

It is important to note that a few pieces of research on a paleo diet do comparison its impact on weight loss with the other diets’ impacts on weight loss. Whilst studies show that a paleo diet is far superior.

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