Paleo Diet Myths You Need to Ignore

Paleo Diet Myths you Need to Ignore

Paleo Diet Myths You Need to Ignore

There’re so many misconceptions regarding the paleo that are essential to dispelling! As there are a lot of people who assume that it is a meat diet or there’re so many food items which should be avoided during the paleo diet. Let me clear up these tiny but serious things!

1. Paleo is the High Meat Diet

This myth is totally wrong. The paleo diet is all about the high vegetable diet. The paleo diet contains roughly 70 percent veggies. You must be wary about any diet which doesn’t advocate you consume almost 70 percent veggies in the diet, barring required dietary modifications relying upon some health conditions.

Surely, you are consuming meat on the paleo diet; however, its amount differs around the individual tolerances in 10 to 30 percent range. There are a lot of dietitians who say that you must consume almost about .5 to 1 pound (or .22 to .45 kg) of the meat on a daily basis. Any other animal protein other than this could lead to some health issues and decrease the life span. This must include healthy and fresh red meat once a week at least – of course, it must be grass-fed!

2. Paleo is a Low Carb Diet:

No, this is not right. By definition, it is the low-carb diet. this might or might not be, relying on the chosen foods. White potatoes, sweet potatoes, starchy fruits, yams, and even winter squash are consumed by the paleo folks who want more carbs for fueling the active lifestyle. In addition, my take on the paleo that is the Modern paleo, & others in this movement also advocate eating the non-gluten grains as well as white rice as far as you can tolerate those.

3. Paleo is a costly diet

The answer to this myth is you pay money for good quality foods or pay for the doctors, medications, & nursing homes as well. The U.S.citizens spend a small percentage of income on the food as compared to the most industrialized nations.

Also, we want to spend money on food in order to salvage the health. You have to think about the nutrient density & buying high-quality dairy, eggs, and meat which cost more. Also, you have what you actually pay for – the pastured eggs may be quite costly but you can get 2 to 3 times and even more nutrition. You will consume a similar amount of calories; however, have exorbitantly more nutrition each bite.

Also,there’re a lot of resources in order to assist you in shopping on the budget. You can save your money by purchasing a pie, bread, ice cream, grain products, and cheese.

4. Did not Cavemen Just Live to thirty?

There are several articles about the paleo diet claiming that the cavemen just lived up to thirty years. That is actually half right. When some caveman made this past age twenty, he generally lived up to sixty years of age.  A major issue with the paleo longevity stats is that they actually factor in infant mortality. Rates of death were higher for the children under 5. Hence, the average longevity age at thirty several reads about is the average of people who actually died in the infancy & people who naturally died due to old age. Some other elements included inferior shelter, infectious disease, and predatory animals.

Let us face this. Cavemen actually lived a difficult existence. The cavemen worked hard for each morsel of the food that they put in the mouths. Most of the energy was consumed foraging & hunting for the animals that they used to do in the sun the whole day.

Cavemen also had to face other tribes as well. They had to bear all seasons without air conditioners and heaters. Life was too much tough that we even cannot imagine. Could you think of living outdoors & living off land throughout your life? No, you cannot.

5. A Paleo Diet Increases Cholesterol:

Have you ever heard that the fat does not make you look fat? Eating cholesterol-dense foods don’t increase cholesterol in any way. The liver does make 85 percent of the cholesterol irrespective of cholesterol consumption in response to the number of several elements – none of these involve consumption of red meat as well as eggs. Hence, eating sugar and grains are the actual culprits – the foods removed from the paleo diet.

6. Cavemen weren’t having any Diseases:

Cavemen had different symptoms of heart disease. Remember, there are a lot of diseases that have the genetic component that even cavemen could not escape from. They also carried these diseases just as we do but they lived a far better lifestyle hence they were also less prone to activate the genes.

A few diseases have strong genetic components which would be expressed despite how healthy someone lives. Hence, some of the paleo munching cavemen also suffered from cancer; however, it was not very common. Most of the cavemen died due to battle wounds as well as accidents, and a few dropped dead due to heart attacks.


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