5 Powerful Mindset Tips For Weight Loss

5 Powerful Mindset Tips For Weight Loss

5 Powerful Mindset Tips For Weight Loss

weight loss is achievable if you put your time and energy in doing it the right way. But first, you need to change your attitude towards losing weight. You can not be feeling like you’ve already lost a race and still find the energy to run. Nobody does that. Before you achieve anything, you must see it in your mind and believe it first. Do not see weight loss as an end. Rather see yourself as an individual that wants to start a new lifestyle.

There are a lot of mindset changes to make before you achieve your goals. Some of them are:

1-Being Committed and consistent :

You have established what your weight loss goals are. How do you think you can do this? By dragging yourself to the gym or by going to the gym. You wouldn’t realize but they are two different things. Yes, you get to the gym, but do you commit to whatever you are doing? Or you go to the gym once in three weeks and not do another home exercise? For you to lose weight, you must start committing to your goal. When you say you won’t eat anything after 8 pm, stick to it and don’t create excuses as to why midnight snacking is okay on some days. You are trying to start a new lifestyle so be focused and consistent.

Tell yourself that you’re doing this for a reason that will be beneficial to you, and when you make up your mind to start, start without looking back.

2-Avoid Emotional Eating:

You must be intentional about losing weight and cut out some things. When you eat for every emotion that you can’t control, you will become less appreciative of your efforts.  Do you feel hurt? Cry, then get over it and do something else. You feel overjoyed? Jubilate, then go find someplace else to show your emotions. Leave the fridge. Eat only because you want to be healthy and to survive. Don’t create excuses to stuff food in your mouth.

3. Avoid fear:

When you become scared of losing weight, what exactly causes it? Find that fear and uproot it. Your weight loss progress lies with you, but you can only get as far as your mind allows you. Don’t be scared, veggies don’t bite, neither will a skipping rope cause the apocalypse.

4. Find out your real reason for being overweight:

You may be carrying excess weight, but the primary cause may not be your lack of exercise, diet or lifestyle habits. These are important too as they determine how your body appears. However, they seem to be the winf.dow that opens to the real reason. You may be using your food cravings to cover the areas of your life where you feel unfulfilled. You may probably not be in a good relationship, a good job, you may be battling so many psychological issues that you try to drown using food.

Search yourself, find out the real reason why you are not having the urge to live a healthy life. Find what it is and fix it. Every time you fix your issues, you feel one baggage lifted from your subconscious. And if you can’t fix that problem, conquer it before it does you. That way, you can feel confident about whatever progress you make in losing weight, and the weight will stay off.

5. Find your inner motivation:

What is the reason why you feel you should do something about your weight? What is your driving force? A lot of people are living and existing with excess weight but what is your own reason for wanting to shed it off. Where do you think you will get your zeal to carry on with your weight loss plan? Before you start, find out why you’re doing this. You need to make up a list of the things that are helping you stay focused and motivated. It could be the bikini party you wish to attend, or you just want to get better health or stay active to play in the park with your grandchildren or even make an ex jealous.

Whatever your motivation is, always let it push you. If you are not motivated, you will see all the habits you must give up as punishment and not as something that will make your life better. Identify your motivation and always draw strength from it. Your motivation can even come from the people around you. Although the overall responsibility is yours, it will be much better if you have some support from someone you can be accountable to. Find people who will be concerned about your progress, to support you. You don’t need someone who sabotages your effort as a motivator.


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