how to start Earning Money as a Freelancer?

how to start  Earning Money as a Freelancer?

how to start Earning Money as a Freelancer?

The most obvious way to run a business online is to freelance. Freelance work simply means going out and looking for clients and then completing work for them at a time that suits you. Normally when you do this, you’ll be working to a deadline. Around that deadline though, it will be up to you how you want to work and this is what will give you the freedom to travel as you wish and work when you wish. There are plenty of services you can provide online as a freelancer and these include:

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Web design Coding
  • Video production
  • Consultation
  • Personal training (over Skype for instance)
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Career guidance
  • Virtual assistant services
  • Data entry
  • Admin
  • Moderation
  • Sports commenting

Once you decide what it is you want to do, all you need to do then is to start finding the work. To give yourself the most stable income and the most flexibility to work and travel, you want to minimize the admin and the comms – so try finding a few big clients and sticking with them (offer bulk discounts and reduced rates for repeat customers).

Start off by looking for people you know you can work with and if you don’t have any such contacts, then try looking online at ‘freelancing sites’ like UpWork. On this site, people advertise for work and advertise for services.UpWork is a great hub for freelancers.

Another option is to look at ‘webmaster forums’. These are forums where people discuss internet marketing and website management. If you head onto these sites, then you can advertise your work and often find websites that need skills like graphic design or copywriting. Or how about visiting ‘#Nomads’. This is a website and online community that supports digital nomads and provides them with an easy means to find work, discuss the lifestyle and more.

Selling Services:

Being a freelancer is one way you can make money by selling a service online. Actually, though there are also several others and not every option has to be necessarily.

In fact, many of the services you might traditionally have provided face to face can now be provided online!

How about offering personal training for example? All you need to do is to find clients and then consult with them over Skype. You could even offer extra services like texts to remind them to go to the gym etc.

What about a dating agency? Let people come to you and then help them polish up their dating profile and more? For something like this, all you need is a consultation session and then perhaps access to their dating profiles.

You could be a lifestyle coach too. Or a business consultant. In fact, you can even offer a lot of services as a lawyer online! This could mean offering affordable legal advice or even handling things like conveyancing. I bought a house recently and I never once had to meet my conveyancing lawyer… And this is especially easy thanks to many of the modern tools, apps, and services available once again. DocuSign, for example, makes it easy to sign documents over the web!

Cut hair? How about telling your current clients that you’ll be running a style consultation service online that they can access via Skype if they want to? Be creative, think outside the box and really you can do any job that doesn’t require you to be physically present!

Creating Passive Income

While finding clients and providing a service online is a great way to experience the freedom to work from anywhere and whenever you like, it is still ultimately very restricting in other ways. At the end of the day, you still need to meet your deadlines and to all extents and purposes, you still have ‘bosses’ who will be unhappy if you don’t complete your work to a good standard.

When you work service, you’re going to have to balance your time between traveling and exploring these different countries while at the same time also trying to get enough work done. When you can’t find a plug socket, or when you have too much you want to see and doing this can be a big cause of stress.

And it’s for that reason that you might consider creating a passive income business model instead. This is essentially a business model that will generate income without you having to actively work on it.

How can this possibly work? There are a few strategies you can use.

Sell a digital product: Digital products are products like ebooks and digital courses that don’t require any work on your part to produce. You create them once and from there, you can then sell them as many times as you want. There’s no delivery to worry about and no storage! There are plenty of examples of how this can work, but you can sell from your own web page and send traffic there with an advertising campaign, you can sell something like an app or a Kindle ebook through a ready-made distribution network (the Kindle Store or the iTunes Store), or you can let other marketers promote your product for commission.

Affiliate marketing: This means that you’re selling a product you didn’t make and getting a commission. Many creators are happy to offer as much as 75% of their profits to try and encourage more people to help them sell and this means you can make almost as much money as you would do from your own product – but with no need to create anything! You just make a landing page and then advertise it to get people to buy through your referral link.

Note: There are many other ways that you can use your lifestyle to help you find more work too. For example, you can sell photographs of the scenery or the wildlife where you are and you’ll find it’s very easy to find buyers.


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